WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 20 – Bring Back Kinsey

Episode 20 – Bring Back Kinsey This episode we are joined by Leonard Kinsey, author of The Dark Side of Disney and Our Kingdom of Dust. We talk about the latest book, OKoD, which you should read before listening. It is $3 for God’s sake, just do it. We don’t waste any time and just go right into a summary of the book from Leonard, ask various questions about the characters and creation of the book. We even come up with our own ideas for what the secret ingredient in “the dust” could be. After that, we pretty much share what our festivities will include for EPCOT’s 30th Anniversary weekend. Enjoy this episode, and if you haven’t already gotten The Dark Side of Disney, Our Kingdom of Dust, or From Dreamer to Dreamfinder, do it now! Again, special thanks to Leonard for coming on this episode.

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