WDW DIS-Cussion Show Episode 25 – EPCOT 30th Trip Report

Episode 25 – EPCOT 30 Trip Report Warning, this show may not be appropriate for little Mouse Ears. Our EPCOT 30th trip report is finally here for download. Ryan, Brandon, Nick, and our new host Michael Grayson along with Johnathen Hopkins, Anthony from the SotMK Blog, Ron Bidnez from the WDW Kingdomcast, Brett Bennett, Leonard Kinsey, and a brief appearance from Chris discuss everything that happened the weekend of the 30th, and respond to some controversy regarding riding Spaceship Earth with the lights on, and sneaking backstage at 2 EPCOT pavilions. All video links and pictures that are discussed in the show are listed below. Huge thanks to Jeff Heimbuch, George Taylor, and the rest of the MiceChat team for hosting the event, and to Leonard Kinsey for having the guts to do what he did on October 1st. Thanks to everyone else who joined on the show, Ron B from the WDW Kingdomcast, Brett from the WDW Fan Boys,  Anthony from the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Blog, Leonard Kinsey, Nomeus of FLURBEX, and Johnathen Hopkins.

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