As if the news of Disney keeping the Magic Kingdom open for 24 hours on the May 24th wasn’t big enough, we here at the Wakefield Report and WDW DIS-Cussion Show have big plans of our own for the big night! Throughout the day you will be able to meet up with the hosts of the WR and WDW DIS-Cussion Show at a variety of events that are tailored to make the day even more magical.

These events will give you the chance to meet with fellow listeners, ask the hosts questions, win prizes, and much more. The events for the day include multiple Vinylmation giveaways throughout the day. If you would like to win one of these Vinylmations all you have to do is follow us on twitter @WDWDISCussion, @wakefieldreport, or @madh4773r. During the 24 hour party we will tweet the times and locations to meet us for Disney trivia and your chance to win a Vinylmation. We have a bunch of Vinylmations to giveaway so if you are in the park, make sure you follow us on twitter!

We will also be having an 11AM get together at Pecos Bills for a lunch/chat session. Grab your taco salad and your Kinsey fries because this is your chance to ask WDW DIS-Cussion Show host Brandon Glover any question you want! He will also have a power strip with him, so if you need to charge up there’s your chance!

At midnight put on your favorite pair of pajamas and meet us by the Partners statue for a group picture! Whoever has the best pair of pj’s will win a Vinylmation! After the group picture we will walk over to the Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover for a ride!

And there will be much much more to come the day of the event so keep your eyes peeled to those twitter accounts!

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Photo Tribute

These photos were taken by both Ryan Kennedy and Brandon Glover.

More at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/brandglover/sets/72157633183596193/

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WDW Fantasy Baseball League

The 2013 MLB season is starting up, and with that we are starting our own Fantasy league on ESPN.com. This is open to any and all WDW fans and are NOT Red Sox fans (I tease). To join, simply go to the link below and use the password “disney”. There are 18 spots available, and the draft is on Thursday, March 28th at 8:00 PM ET. If you cannot make it, please tell me ahead of time. It will be a fun an exciting season, so join our league to have some more fun!

Link: http://games.espn.go.com/flb/tools/join?leagueId=138177

Password: disney

There will also be a LIVE Skype chat going on which anyone who is drafting is welcome to join.

Week In Review

Here are some notes from this week:



‘The Great Movie Ride’ Poll

I’d like to know what movies you’d like to see in The Great Movie Ride. I’ve made a few options and it’s multiple choice, and you’re also able to add your own option. This is just to get more information for show content. So if you will…

The Wonders of The Flower and Garden Pavilion

Again, we’re a little late on the course of events here at the DIS-Cussion Show. The Flower and Garden Festival only has 5 days left at EPCOT, but here’s a current look at the former Wonders of Life Pavilion. Photos courtesy of Brandon Glover (@BRAVO_229)

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Weekly Update: May 6-14

Looking back on this week, not much has happened as far as breaking news stories. Well, besides the Fan Boys who just announced that a new immersive pirates experience is coming to the Magic Kingdom. You can read their article here. I think this will be very interesting to see in the attraction and also be adding a new dimension to this attraction. As I’ve said before, as long as they’re adding things that don’t take away from the originality of the attraction, I’m fine with it. Moving on, FLE is rolling along and you can certainly see progress on Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train, the second Dumbo spinner, and the castle walls.

I was away this weekend at a baseball tournament in Long Island, NY. The hotel I was in had a strange resemblance to the Imagination building, in the open mezzanine. Here are a couple pics;

That’s all I got, stay tuned for our return episode where we do a trip report from Brandon Glover (@BRAVO_229,) who just returned from a cruise on the Disney Dream. °o°

The Disney Bus Experience

If you’ve stayed on-site, you’ve probably had your times with the Disney buses, which are by far the worst transportation system on WDW property. Many incidents happen on those buses, some I’ve witnessed, some I’ve been a part of. The buses have been despised by me since the first time I’ve ridden one.  Here’s a story that happened to me back in 2009.

This first story starts off when we are catching a bus back to All Star Movies from EPCOT. We were the only ones at the stop, and no one was getting off the bus. At the time I was only 12 but I still wondered why the bus was empty. It was just my mom and I, and as we walk on the bus, we noticed every seat was wet. Every damn seat. Now I don’t want to sound like a Disney fan who complains about everything, but I asked the bus driver why he felt like hosing down the inside of the bus, and he replied, “Oh. That must have been the last group that came from Blizzard Beach.” Well OK. That’s what started most of my rants on buses to this day. It’s not like I’m never going back because of it, it’s just a strange situation that could’ve been fixed.

So that’s not much, bit I’d like to save the better stories for the show. In the comment section below, share your Disney bus, or any Disney transportation line stories. Also be sure to check out our facebook page and group, and follow us on twitter (@WDWDISCussion.) Have a magical day!

Test Track Concept Art Review

As you know, Test Track is closed for a lengthy refurb, which will change it into an entire new concept of the attraction. The first rendering we were introduced to was this;

There are many focal points to this image. The car, which Disney has named the ‘SimCar,’ looks very futuristic and similar to the cars that were put into the attraction several months ago. Then there is the bottom of the concept, where there are people crowded around what looks like screens. This is probably where guests will be able to design their own custom concept vehicle. It could also be the post show,

In the post-show, guests can make a TV commercial featuring their concept car or truck, race their car or truck on our virtual track and take a picture with their custom concept vehicle.

Upon closer look, we see this;

A view of what the actual building may look like, as well as the marquee for the attraction. There are many other transparent and unclear things I can’t make out.

Next we have the ride logos. Not much, just what type of tests you will be able to edit to how you want your car to go through them. Next, the first visual of the inside of the attraction;

The ceiling and floor look to be disguised by some neon, if that’s how it will turn out. Looks very Tron style. Next is another visual of inside the attraction;

Looks like the Efficiency test, judging on the logo on top of the next doorway.

Top left looks like Capability test, bottom left Efficiency, top right Responsiveness, bottom right  Power.

Last, the official logo for the attraction.

That’s all I got on this topic, hopefully more concepts will be released soon, and perhaps some structural work complete by the late summer. Follow me on twitter for updates, @WDWDISCussion. Like us on facebook at facebook.com/WDWDISCussion and join our Facebook Group.

Tip of the Hat

I’ll start off with this; there has been a lot going on lately, regarding the show structure. I want you all to know this show will not end, this blog will not close. I would like to give a tip of the hat to some people for inspiring words and support. This show will go through tough times, but I support any decisions made by our hosts. There will be others who will continue to bash, even at these very words, but it will effect the blog or the show.

Tip of the Hat

        • Brett Bennett, WDW Fan Boys Podcast
        • Anthony King, past episodes
        • Pirate Radio, Magic 24.7
        • WDW Dads, WDW Man Cave
        • Brandon Glover, USF Discussion Show
        • Chris Wakefield, Wakefield Report
        • Gary Hall, WDW Kingdomcast®
        • Nick, Fiesta Fun Center Blog, @Communicore82
        • All of our listeners and readers

There will definitely be no mention of what has been said, positive or negative, and no “naming names.” Also, if you own a blog or site that you’d like to get out there, email wdwdshow@gmail.com and we will put it on our links page. Thanks for reading and I’ll keep you updated on further information on when the next show will be out.

Maneuvering Through Crowds at WDW

This is a list I’m deciding to make because there have been many occasions where the crowds have been too big to sneak my way through. Times when I didn’t make the bus or monorail back to the resort, and now you can even miss your fastpass return time. Whether it’s the damn strollers, elderly, clumsy children, or just big crowds, hopefully this list will help you make your way to where you want to be.

10. Avoiding Crowds Completely – Knowing what times each park is least populated is key.

Magic Kingdom – If you get there at opening, you will definitely get to ride what you like (for a while,) until that rush that happens right before lunch time, around 11. It’s a barrage of families… with little kids… with strollers! It’s important to get to Fantasyland first thing if you’re looking to get on the attractions there (especially Peter Pan.) After that, head towards Liberty Square/Frontierland. Hit the main attractions as early as you can then eat lunch, take a break in the pool or something. Tomorrowland isn’t that crowded in the afternoon into evening.

EPCOT – Very spread out, not very crowded even when the park is at capacity. The only time you experience deep crowds here is during Illuminations.  Of course, you want to get a spot there early, but what can you do when crowds start pouring out? There are two gates, the International Gateway and the Main Gate. If you’re parked in the Future World lot, you must exit through the main gate, but if you’re staying at any of the EPCOT resorts, you can exit through the Int. Gateway. If not, enjoy a nice last walk through of EPCOT before you leave.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Can’t get away from these crowds. They’re all either on Sunset Boulevard, PIXAR Place, or around Echo Lake. The only way of getting through these crowds is with extreme ninja skills, or elbows. The only big open spaces are at the Streets of America area.

Animal Kingdom – Don’t complain about big crowds here – they don’t exist.

9.  Make Yourself Small – Well not literally, but maybe you know what I mean. Walk sideways, or even that two hands together in front of you move. Squeeze through people, but make sure you dodge strollers and ECVs.

8. Be Oblivious – Walk deliberately; People will move out of your way if you’re walking towards them and looking ahead of them.

7. Remember – There are 2 types of crowds;

Transit Crowd – A moving crowd, usually slow paces

Absorbed Crowd - Could be blind and oblivious to something simple like a bird or as complex as fireworks.

6. Weave – Square your shoulders, move through people by slightly pushing their shoulder. Automatically they will shift another way allowing you to pass

5. Eye on the Prize – The most important thing is to look directly at the point you’re trying to get to.  This means look downward but with your face up, so that people can clearly see where you’re going.

4. Don’t Look – Never make eye contact with people. It makes them think you are trying to get through them, making them not wanting to move. Keeping a distant gaze will make them think you’re careless of walking through them.

3. Lead the Way for Slow-Pokes – If you are with a group, make sure they are following you, instead of next tp you. It might be helpful for them to hold onto the back of your shirt so they don’t get lost.

2. In any situation you should evade rather than invade by changing direction to slip behind people rather than cutting in front of them.


If you see anyone wearing hats or jerseys with the teams above on them, they are now your friends. Get behind them in big crowds because these guys know how to get from point A to point B in the most straightforward and efficient ways. They will pave the way for you, just as long as it’s not a woman, child, or pink hat.

Credit; http://www.wikihow.com/Get-Through-a-Crowd-of-People-Faster
Jamie Marrell of The Independent article; How do I: Make my way through a crowd?

Top 15 Things People May Miss When Visiting WDW Part 2

Here are the first seven that have been named so far;

15. Main Street Station

14. Hall of Presidents

13. Tom Sawyer Island

12. The Animation Tour at DHS

11. PUSH in Tomorrowland

10. Trails at the Animal Kingdom

9. Friendship Boats/Cruises

So the list is back, this week knocking off 8 and 7, based mostly upon what you may miss if you bring children with you on your first, second, or third time to the parks.

8. Resort Dining – Most people who stay off-site, especially those with children, definitely don’t take the time to visit great resorts that have amazing, delicious dining locations. Probably the best restaurants on WDW property are at the resorts. Great restaurants like ‘Ohana, Jiko, Kouzzina, and the California Grill.

7. World Showcase – I feel the reason this is on the list is because guests think World Showcase has nothing for kids. Simply not the case. WS has many fun and interactive “hands on” things for children to do in all of the countries. Kidcot Fun Stops, character meet & greets, and they still have that Kim Possible thing right? (Soon to be “Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure”) That. EPCOT Center in whole is a great place for kids, especially interactively.

Stay tuned for the list to grow!

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Review by Brandon

As many of you know, the new Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game has started at the MK. Brandon Glover (host of the USF Discussion Show) sent me his review of SOTMK;


Sorcerers assemble!  Villains have descended upon the Magic Kingdom!  Merlin’s crystal ball was shattered into four shards, and stolen by the villains.  The shards were then taken and hidden in four separate lands of the Magic Kingdom.  It is up to you, Sorcerers, to help Merlin retrieve the shards and save the Kingdom!

Where to begin?  If you are interested in playing Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, you will need to visit the Fire Station in Town Square on Main Street USA.  There is a large banner above the door that reads: “Volunteers Needed! Help Protect Our Community! Inquire Within.”  Once you enter the Fire Station, you will need to present your valid park ticket, which you used to enter the Magic Kingdom that day.  Each Sorcerer will be given a Magical Key, 5 Spell Cards, and a map of the Magical Portals (one packet per valid park ticket).  After receiving your packet, you will then be given a training session inside the Fire Station, which teaches you how to open the Portals and use your Spell Cards.  After you complete your Sorcerer training, Merlin will direct you to your first Portal.

There are five portals in each of the four lands: Main Street USA, Adventureland, Frontierland/Liberty Square and Fantasyland.  There is also a second Sorcerer Training location in Liberty Square if you decide that you would like to join the effort after passing through Town Square.  You will have to pay close attention to which Portal you are assigned, because some of them are very close together, and may not be easy to spot at first glance.  Each Portal has its own symbol that helps identify its location on the map.  Once you find your Portal, you must unlock the Portal with your Magical Key.  All Sorcerers will be taught how to do this in Sorcerer Training, so I will forgo explaining it here.  After unlocking the Portal, your mission will start.  This is where your Spell Cards will come in handy.

Pay special attention to the prompts on the screen, and you will see when to use your Spell Cards.  You will learn how to use your Spell Cards in Sorcerer Training, but for those of you wondering how it works, you hold up the Card face first towards the screen.  This unleashes your spell on the villain, which may or may not always work.  Sometimes it may take two Spells to knock out the villain, which is why you should always have two Spell Cards handy!  Also the villains can fire back with a spell of their own, so you will need to use your shield (the back of your Spell Cards) to deflect the spell.  After defeating the villain in your land, you will be given the option of advancing on to the next mission in another land.  Don’t worry, however; you do not have to go there immediately.  As long as you have your Magical Key, you can resume your mission at any time, on any day!

Now that I’ve given an overview of the game, I would like to add a few personal thoughts (note: does contain SPOILERS).  I was interested in playing the game because one of my favorite video game series is Kingdom Hearts, and Sorcerers is a loosely similar experience.  My first mission was in Adventureland where I battled Jafar and Iago.  In total, it lasted about 15 minutes and I used two Spell Cards in the process (note: you can use any Spell Card as many times as you want).  After recovering the shard from Jafar, I was then sent to Fantasyland to battle Maleficent.  Again, it took about 15 minutes to defeat Maleficent, and I used three Sorcerers Cards here.  Each mission will take you to three of the Portals in each land.  I noticed that while waiting in line for my final Portal in Fantasyland, someone was starting the mission I was about to complete on the same Portal.

One drawback to the gaming experience was that several people were walking in front of the Portals while I was playing.  Particularly, one is located in between two entrance/exit doors to Sir Mickey’s in Fantasyland, where a large group of people walked right in between me and the screen while I was trying to use a Spell Card.  Also, there were the “nice” people waiting for Philharmagic that decided to jump over the chains and block the screen while I was playing at that Portal.  Another thing I noticed several times was that people were lining up at the Portals, but weren’t playing the game.  I had to direct a couple of people to the Fire Station because they wanted to play and weren’t aware that you have to attend Sorcerer Training to participate.  If you are a park guest or Sorcerer, please be aware of and respect your fellow Sorcerers.  This game is free to everyone, and its not fair to ruin someone elses experience.  Trust me, you wouldn’t want to catch a face full of Pinnocchio’s Sawdust Blast!

Sorcerers is a fun experience that anyone can enjoy, regardless of age.  It is fairly simple and has a moderate to high replay value.  I noticed several adults without children playing, so it has a wide appeal to all ages.  Also, it can be fun for collectors to try and obtain all 70 Spell Cards.  You can trade the cards with your family, friends or even other park guests – a great way to make new friends!  Most importantly, it adds a new experience to the Magic Kingdom without taking anything away from the park.  It sure was a nice way to spend an afternoon in the Magic Kingdom, even just for a couple of hours.

So what do you say, will you help Merlin defeat the Villains and restore peace to the Magic Kingdom?  The choice is yours, and yours alone!

Top 15 Things People May Miss When Visiting WDW Part 1

ºοº Yes folks. There are in fact people who miss the attractions, shows, even hidden gems that are reasons why we love WDW so much. Whether the reason is time in the parks, crowds, or just skipping these attractions, Disney does a great job in detailing everything according to the theme of the area around it. Some of these may come across as surprising to many of you, as they could be classic attractions and Disney fan must-do’s, but from experience as being someone who missed so much just a few years ago (being a 8-9 year old kid,) these things could be hidden to first, second, even third timers to the parks. So without further a-do, here’s the list;

15. Main Street Station – A ton of detail goes into this WDW Rail Road Station. Many pictures of Walt Disney’s friends and things that show Walt’s love of trains. are on the first level. Up above, are more pictures, as well as some old penny-movie machines (you do not need a penny to use them, they are free.) There is also an empty ticket booth outside of the station that is filled with letters from real train stations. It is amazing how much detail is just in that little booth! Also, how could you miss this place? It is the FIRST part of the park you see.

14. Hall of Presidents – Fellow Disney fans. Shocking, but I didn’t know about this attraction until my second visit. This is a great show, and a nice place to cool down in the middle of the day. I believe the reasons guests may skip by this is because of the political theme, or simply the larger attractions sucking in the guests.

13. Tom Sawyer Island – Again, another sucker of the big attractions taking the attention away from this classic one. Not only are the big attractions taking away the attention, but Disney itself is. Maintenance on the island is down, and it is still a fraction of what it used to be. I think it’s time to add something big to the island, or fix the problems, wipe off the dust, and add some of the cool things that the island had in the days it opened.

12. The Animation Tour at DHS – Fewer people take this tour these days, since Disney moved the animators out of Florida (and that’s a shame).  But it’s still a pretty cool tour that features a segment borrowed from Disneyland, featuring one of the Cast Member “animators” and Mushu the dragon from “Mulan.”  Kids will appreciate the interaction between cartoon and human, and parents will get a nice air conditioned break.

11. PUSH in Tomorrowland – Tomorrowland is home to PUSH, the Talking Trash Can. He greets guests in smart aleck fashion and answers questions from those brave enough to interact with him. PUSH moves around the area, and until he starts talking, he looks just like any other trash receptacle. Most times kids (unattended by any parent or adult) walk up to PUSH like a big show and try to make it do something. Once I saw a child (chubby, probably gets abused at home) push PUSH over on its side. If it were years ago, around 9 years old, I would have chased that kid down. Now that I’m 15, I just helped PUSH up. Oh well, another day.

10. Trails at Animal Kingdom – If I had to pick one from AK, it would be the trails on the Oasis and Discovery Island. If you’ve every walked these, you notice that not that many people are around, and you get a nice view of some wildlife.

9. Friendship Boats/Cruises – There are lots of ways to get around Walt Disney World, but not that many people make use of the boats…and especially in the evening, they’re a wonderful and relaxing (dare I say even romantic) diversion.  There are lauches at the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios, the Wilderness Lodge, Port Orleans, the Boardwalk, Fort Wilderness Campgrounds,  The Swan and Dolphin, Yacht and Beach Club, and more.  Hop a boat and see where it takes you…you can always turn around and return to your original spot. Also a great way to get away from the crowds heading to the buses in the evening, or even to avoid walking. The only down-side I see is sometimes you have to wait a while for the boats.

… To be continued! Submit what you think are the most overlooked things at WDW, and check back to see the list continue!

Fantasyland/Big Thunder Mountain RR Construction Update

Thanks to Brandon Glover (Host of the Universal Studios Florida Discussion Show,) we have great photographic updates of what’s happening in New Fantasyland, Storybook Circus, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

First, Big Thunder:

Now Storybook Circus:

Finally, Prince Edward and the Beast’s Castles

How original!

That’s it! Hopefully we can bring you guys more updates once in a while. Mind you, if Disney catches you taking pictures over the wall, they may confiscate your camera and clear your memory card of the photos.


By now you’ve probably noticed that we haven’t released a show in a few weeks. This is do to recording issues where entire episodes weren’t saved. Since then, we now have a new co-host, Ron B. Also, hopefully Casey will be able to get better so she can record with us. Last episode that was lost forever, we did attraction rating using an A-E ticket scale. Anthony’s friend Joe joined us, and we look forward to having him on in the future. Next episode we plan on having Disney author Kevin Yee of MiceAge.com, and hopefully all of our co-hosts (Ron Bidnez, Casey Kolb, Chris Tucker, and Tony King.) To our listeners, these links will help you follow the show and all of us;

Stay Tuned!

Sorry for the hold up folks there seems to be a slow moving train up ahead just stay seated and we will be with ya in no time. Episode 1 of the WDW DIS-Cussion Show will be coming out later today. Episode 2 might have a bit of a delay, considering our recording schedule. Thanks everyone for helping me stay updated!